Been kinda slow and blaming Instagram...

I'll get my act together and start posting more frequent. The Juxtapod has been in hibernation for a while and now that spring finally is upon us we're looking forward to some action. Hopefully Juxtapod will be at the Jokers CC last party and show in early june. It's an awesome and laid back get together that is highly recommended if you like neat bikes and cars.


Play footsie with these!

Dont hold back on nuthin' became the parole as we went along creating the Juxtapod. These pedals kinda testify to that.


Left side

Nice picture I think. Today the first guests arrive at the Tyrolit customer convention and I'ts going to be interesting to hear what they have to say about a sparkling car with art-glass in the middle of everything. I hope and think they'll enjoy it. Hopefully it shows and inspires to the results that can be achieved with skill, creativity, hard work topped and finally topped off with good tools!


From above

A nice shot from above of the Juxtapod at Tyrolits customer convention. A beautiful venue and a high class event crowned by our ice-blue ride. Wish I was trhere. Pictures by Janne W, thanks colleauge!


Now in Innsbruck

Last Saturday the Juxtapod started a long haul (in a transporter) to right outside Insbruck, Austria. The Jux will headline a Tyrolit convention for their biggest international customers. The Tyrolit crew has prepared a real nice time for all visitors and we're real proud that the Juxtapod gets to shine at this occasion. As a matter of fact a bunch of Tyrolit products and competence was involved in the actual making of our beautiful car. And now the idea is to inspire others in what good tools can help you acheive in the way of realizing dreams in metal! Bikes, cars, planes, whatever made of metal in need of cutting, grinding and polishing will find good stuff by Tyrolit!