Looking good!

Front end technology if I ever saw!

LeBeef crafting the metal structure for the soon to be...

...revealed Juxtapod gastank. But Ludvig is going to have a say before it's finished. And before we seal the deal we need to get some vuitton - not Loui- but yeah - seals. Or gaskets so to speak. To marry metal to crystal till death do them part... Getting complicated? Stay tuned for more of that.

And on that subject - we might have a solution to that ideal seal to reveal soon (alltiteration purely coincidental...)

The project formerly known as...

The Crystal Myth is now The Juxtapod for those who care. That doesn't change the fact that Ludvigs vision still smokes!


The left side of a vision

An we're right on the way of making it happen! But this weekend it's the Jokers show in Tidaholm

Yeah, that's what we want to do!

Like a strange meeting that's kinda scary and unknown. But leaves you feeling something real. Hate, love, awe, disgust, humor, hope or whatever.