The future's so bright...

This image doesn't add much to the story so far in a logical progress sense. But in a more subtle way it just feels so darn good! It just looks so neat and promising!

We've got the grill and stuff at the chrome company. We've got Radirs and rubbers en route. We've got crystal bits and pieces in the process and we're showing the Juxtapod officiall for the first time in 4 weeks! Stressful but real fun!

And its only 2010...


Merry X-mas and...

...isn't it kool when someone gets the obvious idea thats so easy, but then so darn hard to get. For y'all un-swedes this ain't so easy to get but the candle holders in glass are typically swedish and have always been in red and made of wood - for like seven hundred years. Till now, when someone saw the obvious - or actually the not-so-obvious...

And that's really what the Juxtapod is all about. So in other words - go create somthin'

Have a Merry Kristal Kristmas!


Jonas helped me fix it!

If you've been here before you'll notice that stuff looks better. I think a feeling of structure and order paired with a laid back ease and just plain smoothness comes over you right now. And that's great! Because that's just what we want. A blog and digital resting place for some recuperation and artistic input. A place to have bit of fun between boring IRl drag such as tooth ache, deadlines, income tax returns and scraping the ice from your car windows.

All content isn't in place, and that's just to get you coming back to see if it's there yet...


Sizzlin' hot

The grill is going to be awesome. Even without the crystal it looks like a gem. But with som grind, polish and with the good ol' krom n' kristall treatment (well "the good new" actually) It will sparkle and shine the way for the Juxtapod journey.


It's friday night and...

...it's Taco night. Which brings me to... (my wife says just this instant - you can't blog now... the kids need to eat and the neighbors are here...). So I'll just leave you with this piece...

I like it! Do you?


krome and kristall missing but...

...otherwise ready to go. Mattias crafting is fast, accurate and insanely smooth! Even though the wheel is minimal we're going to need one of those racing thingimabobs where you can quick release the wheel from the post so that my fat ass will get into the vehicle... and other fat asses likewise...



Just arrived from Wolfs Island!

An instrument of guidance and direction! Sweet from the start, but about to get even better...

Klear as Krystal!

Whats he doin'... What the heck is that?

Well stay tuned and you'll see!


Jackie and Ludvig at LeBeef today

Sweet puppy and a great artist! We had a good day together today! Thanks all, Benjamin, Lisa, Mattias, Laban, Ludvig, Pabst and Jackie.

Peace and Love!

Sebban iz the man!

Sebban had the right answer to the pop-quiz below. As it turns out he was also the only one answering (you lazy pucks) but who gives a hoot. He had the right answer. And here's a closer look of whats to come in the grill.

So if I get two answers in the next pop-quiz we'll be a 100 percent improved! and wouldn't that be grand! But then again, who gives an rats behind... The Juxtapod is on the move! And Sebban iz our man!


First show - in the nude

So for all of you in Sweden and Gothenburg during the 19-22 of January 2011 you can see the first of the Juxtapod at the Automässan auto industry fair. The fair is like a small SEMA but without the kool rods and customs. However the Juxtapod will be there to spice things up. The fair is, despite the lack of rods and kool builds, a real neat and interesting show if you're in the aftermarket auto industry or just plain like automotive stuff.

We will be planning the Juxtapod booth in detail and we're right by the big café so we're expecting alot of traffic and interest. There will be no revving the 348 though - cause it ain't allowed. (and the mill probably wont be together by then either...)

And "in the nude" was my corny way of pointing out that paint and chrome will be missing. Bare metal is the word for the show!
For the Juxtapod in full bloom you'll have to wait till spring...


A pop quiz - whats thizz?

Prizes for the right answer will be announced later at a convenient date! A lead is - think ahead!


A solid foundation is always the best way to do good stuff in life. This applies to Hot Rod with crystal art as well. Mattias has made sure that the Juxtapod will stand firmly on the ground and travel many hot roddin' miles. And harness the power of the mighty Chevy 348 which will be hopped up in yet to be disclosed ways.

Enjoy and then get back to work...


Ridin' the waves towards...

...eh...world domination... well not quite... World domination seems a bit boring and tiresome. But we do want to have fun and turn some heads with the Juxtapod. And since we're getting closer and closer by the day we're getting anxious to get the Juxtapod out in the sun and sight.

Well, till then... here's something from Ludvig. Hang ten and loose and all that! Groovy!

and please comment on this blog and on the project if you will! Let us know that you're out there (if you are!)


A first feel!

It's going to be a tight fit. But snug and cool. And I'm going to loose weight...

It's a rad ride! F'sure! Yihaaaa!


Meanwhile... back in the jungle ooaahhh...

Well jungle might not be the correct description of the dark woods of Småland Sweden, but more in line with the old NY Dolls tune.

Anyway - six is better than one - and here they are! Smokin'

Full control!

Mattias is on top of things f'sure! The console and dash is coming together like gin and tonic - or beer and whisky for that matter (I like that more). Man this is going to be sweet and it's going to be something to sit behind the wheel eventually!


The quicker picker upper...

... a classic advertising slogan that I grew up with during our short year and a half in the US in the early 70's. Bounty was the quicker picker upper said Marge, and cleaned any mess up in one efficient swipe with Bounty in her hand. And she smiled doing it since it was a commercial.

Well that's not important though... What is, is that the NOS Buick Roadmaster backlight now have landed in the old country. One more piece of the gigantic puzzle of the Juxtapod.

Next on the agenda are side window frame parts... But I need a refresh on that from Mattias...


Progress is a good thing.

Interior and fundamental. Always with a LeBeef sense of perfection. Flooring and the mid console gett ing fabricated and it's starting to feel like this fantastic vehicle realy will make it into the world of reality from the world of vision and hard work...


Think tank

I'm leaving. Gone to Thailand for a week. So I'll leave you with some pics from the tank in progress. Next step is to put the finish on the crystal and the to elaborate on sealing between crystal and metal. Which is not and easy task. But we might have a partner for just that in the works... I'm real exited.

But for now Sawa dee kap (i think it is...)

I dont know if I'll be able to post anything from Thailnad - it shoudn't be a problem... and then again, just therefore it might be..


Work in progress

Whats together must come apart... at least five times or more. Working on stuff like flooring in the cab Mattias shows his sincere and natural empathy by lowering the floor an inch in the rear end to make more room for my fat derieree. Bed subframe and this and that is on the to-do list... This is goin to be a blast!

5 minutes of fun and Juxtapod


A nice image from the TV feature on Ludvig.

The Strombergs with the first prototype of the kristal velocity stack in the foreground and some of Ludvigs creations in the back. The poster - My Wide Life - is one of many units in the launch campaign för Ludvig 2010 spring collection. It was created by Sunny side up advertising agency (where I work) and it's due to that cooperation that the crazy idea of making this hot rod came about. Ludvig mailed me a couple of days after we met for the campaign brief. He sent a picture of an old tudor rat rod with wild pipes and asked if it wouldn't be cool to... And of course it would. And here we are! And it's fun.

Watch Ludvig on swedish TV


Check out a feature of Ludvig on TV 4 . You'll get to se him work in the glas hut making a wild tiki cheif spirit demon type of great krystal thingie. And see some from his studio includning the stack design for the Strombergs.

It's wide open...

...territory to make real bad jokes aluding to the word bed. Bedtime story, let's go to bed, som man bäddar får man ligga (swedish, sorry!) Bedder safe than sorry... I could go on, but I'll spare y'all, you'll be bedder of.

This incredibly boring paragraph leads me inte saying that the Juxtapos now has the bed in place. At least for a while and for measurments and planning and such. The floor of the bed will cover up the kickup and make a real nice piedestall kinda plattform for the soon to be ready Krome-Krystal bonanza gas tank.

Stay tuned and we would really enjoy if one or two of the exisiting and potential visitors to this blogg would comment, cheer us on, diss us or just ask questions or make statements or give us ideas, jokes, smart remarks or anything.



All of a sudden we sense and feel that this project will become reality. And that's a great feeling and Mattias has alot to do with that. Even though alot is left to do, imagination runs wild and fills in blanks and adds both details, crystal and Blasters paintjob.

Watch Ludvig tomorrow on swedish TV 4 in the morning and this blog later since we might get a pic with the bed mounted.

Ludvig on Swedish TV tomorrow morning 9. 00-10.00

For all you earlybirds Ludvig will appear on swedish TV 4 tomorrow the 23 oct. Seems like you'll get an inteview, an insight to his creative headquarters, the steamin' hot glas hut and wisdoms and insights about art and stuff - And hopefully some about the Juxtapod!

So wake up, turn on and take in!

If it turns up on TV 4 Play I'll post the link as soon as it's there.


Clearly ready to suck som air!

One down 5 to go for the Strombergs that is. It's the first nearly finished beautiful swedish crystal application for the Juxtapod. And the way light breaks through crystal... Magic, pure magic.

Stay tuned for more. And be sure (if you're in the Automotive industry, that is - its a business show) to see The Juxtapod in progress at Automässan 2011 19 - 22 january at Svenska Mässan in Gothenburg.

Check out www.automassan.se for more info


The firewall dear all!

Bit by bit the Juxtapod is coming together. The metal parts under the expert hand of Mattias. In the case of the Torpedo (which is the swedish name for firewall ) he's tried to keep alot of the original pressings and features and to adapt it to the new mill, a Chevy 348 V8, which is considerably different from the original 4 cyl flathead (4-banger as it nicknamed I believe). He works in the higher echelons of quality and craft and it shows

On a visual inspection it's so sweet in precision and fit it looks like the firewall was melted into place.

So hot it's smokin'!!!!


The shrine!

A place for worship and contemplation. Nothing makes me reflect and ponder more than crystal skulls in top hats, rabbits on acid and spacy inkas and big red hand ghouls...

And what do I reflect and ponder about then? Well mostly that glass and crystal stuff is darn fun when Ludvig holds the pipe and that the Juxtapod is going to be wild and outta control! Just the way we want it!

The shrine is from Ludvigs show att The Glassery in Stockholm. Go visit IRL on the net!
See link to the upper right on your screen.


Fresh from Vargön

Mattias sent som pics. of progress. I cant wait to get up there and check it out for myself. Parts of the bodywork is in place (not finally, but in place) over the frame so you can see the posture and stance relatively. When the Radirs and rubbers arrive safely in Sweden and are mounted we'll see even better. Seems US shipments are a constant worry...

We're discussing distributor/magneto issues right now. Suggestions are welcome if anybody has the urge or the time to share opinions with us! The more the merrier!

And on that note! Please comment and give us your support, wisdoms, critique, love, ideas, folly, anger, joy, sentiments, yada yadas, insights or whatever! Just make some noise!


crystal magic in the making!

Stacks and tank are taking shape in the legendary glashut at Åfors in Småland. Ludvig and his crew are well on their way to getting the first inter-racial offspring delivered and alive for the new Juxtapod breed of Kustom beings! Fan-freakin-tastic!

And what's more we'll see these in an even more finished state in a short while. And when Andy gets done we'll even have some moving pictures to parade here in the blogosphere!