A pop quiz - whats thizz?

Prizes for the right answer will be announced later at a convenient date! A lead is - think ahead!


A solid foundation is always the best way to do good stuff in life. This applies to Hot Rod with crystal art as well. Mattias has made sure that the Juxtapod will stand firmly on the ground and travel many hot roddin' miles. And harness the power of the mighty Chevy 348 which will be hopped up in yet to be disclosed ways.

Enjoy and then get back to work...


Ridin' the waves towards...

...eh...world domination... well not quite... World domination seems a bit boring and tiresome. But we do want to have fun and turn some heads with the Juxtapod. And since we're getting closer and closer by the day we're getting anxious to get the Juxtapod out in the sun and sight.

Well, till then... here's something from Ludvig. Hang ten and loose and all that! Groovy!

and please comment on this blog and on the project if you will! Let us know that you're out there (if you are!)


A first feel!

It's going to be a tight fit. But snug and cool. And I'm going to loose weight...

It's a rad ride! F'sure! Yihaaaa!


Meanwhile... back in the jungle ooaahhh...

Well jungle might not be the correct description of the dark woods of Småland Sweden, but more in line with the old NY Dolls tune.

Anyway - six is better than one - and here they are! Smokin'

Full control!

Mattias is on top of things f'sure! The console and dash is coming together like gin and tonic - or beer and whisky for that matter (I like that more). Man this is going to be sweet and it's going to be something to sit behind the wheel eventually!


The quicker picker upper...

... a classic advertising slogan that I grew up with during our short year and a half in the US in the early 70's. Bounty was the quicker picker upper said Marge, and cleaned any mess up in one efficient swipe with Bounty in her hand. And she smiled doing it since it was a commercial.

Well that's not important though... What is, is that the NOS Buick Roadmaster backlight now have landed in the old country. One more piece of the gigantic puzzle of the Juxtapod.

Next on the agenda are side window frame parts... But I need a refresh on that from Mattias...


Progress is a good thing.

Interior and fundamental. Always with a LeBeef sense of perfection. Flooring and the mid console gett ing fabricated and it's starting to feel like this fantastic vehicle realy will make it into the world of reality from the world of vision and hard work...


Think tank

I'm leaving. Gone to Thailand for a week. So I'll leave you with some pics from the tank in progress. Next step is to put the finish on the crystal and the to elaborate on sealing between crystal and metal. Which is not and easy task. But we might have a partner for just that in the works... I'm real exited.

But for now Sawa dee kap (i think it is...)

I dont know if I'll be able to post anything from Thailnad - it shoudn't be a problem... and then again, just therefore it might be..