You wanna be a partner in the Juxtapod project?

We're looking for friends and relations that can help us realize this vision. We are really ardent about our team spirit approach to the whole idea. Meaning that what we put in will probably come back to us and then some...

We have a few ideas on what we need and who we need in the team and if your into Kustom Kulture, art, design, polishing and chromeplating, autopaint, car upholstery, autoparts, machinery or just all around kool stuff send us a mail. However, the important thing is not what you do but that you like the idea of the Juxtapod!

The idea is to work together so that all partners will benefit, earn and have fun from this great idea! We have some ideas on how to benefit, but the best ideas we'll work out together

Want to know more? Mail me and we'll talk.