Questions on copper

These pieces are so full of colors and thoughts and paradoxes and ambiguities it makes me laugh and cry at the same time.



I could write a shitload on what I felt when I saw this for the first time. And it would have nothing to do with the relatively obvious phallic connotations. But I'll keep it to myself and stay at just saying that I want one of these bad. There will be five of them. A totally magnificent piece in every way! Ride that cob dear!


A new combination

As well as the Juxtapod is a somewhat strange combination between crystal and metal, these are done with the new and cool technique combining a classic pinstriping paintbrush with indian ink. Real neat effect!



The Artist presently known as Ludvig Löfgren. Right before grand opening. Tired, dazed and confused after long nights of hard work and suddenly getting the Juxtapod roof-mirror in his hand one hour before deadline...
Every mans dream... right?
A wide varienty of artistic expression and solid genius right through!
The all-seer!
The kristal possé. Or at least a small part of it. Git yer ass to Öland and the Vida art museum to check out Ludvigs amazing work. It's well worth it. And ther is also alot of other nice stuff. And not to förget - also available on Öland - the Kroppkaka!


Back at Elmia for Tyrolit

This week The Jux has been shining and attracting attention for our esteemed partner Tyrolit at the welding trade show in Jönköping. Visible in one fo the pics. is Tyrolit product maestro Göran Nyberg who did som actual hands-on work on the creation of the Juxtapod. This guy knows what he's doing! Tomorrow, friday the show closes and then we load up the Juxtapod and head south-east to Öland ( a large island of the souteast coast of Sweden - well worth visiting)and Vida Art Museum. At Vida there will be an Exhibition all summer featuring Ludvigs fantastic work. I'll post some pictures from it next week.