Exitement at LeBeef's 1 year anniversary

First time the Juxtapod chassi is mocked up on wheels with the 348 and transmission in place (so to speak). It's easy and impossible not to get child like exited... The body, at least the cab, which is the major part of the bodywork, stands right by in Mattias workshop and in a mental assembly it's hard not to start jumping up and down!

Thanks Mattias for a great 1.year anniversaryparty and your (and Antonia, since I guess she put in alot of work too) hospitality! Real LeBeef superqualitystyle! I had a great and wet ride up and a wet and dark and kind of great ride back home on the Genny

The first of many LeBeef years I'm sure. There are so many projects to realize... Dig!


Kickin' it up!

As mentioned, Mattias and Per put in some hours in the rear for tha sake of balance... or height or just plain looks. You know, the rear end is importnat for looks.
Suspension mounts were welded on to the 55 Olds rear axle and the apropriate kick up height was decided.

In the summertime

Front end mockup with freshly made hairpins in place. Mattias and Per put in long hours in the midst of vacationtime. Respect and thanks! But thats not all, they worked that derriere too, real good...


Symbols of progess

...in the form of six rings or whatever they are? So whats round and comes in three pairs of two on this Rod? And crystal will be added by Ludvig and his crew in Åfors.


Transition in position

Sculpting something new from something old without losing the soul of it is a talent and a gift. Mattias of LeBeef certainly has it and Ludvig too. Me, I watch and smile and feel real good.


Alot like an epic sculpture of anticipation and a bright future. History in the making.
And if you cant see that or dont - it's no use explaining.