Now in Trollhättan

at a trade show for Tyrolit, Next week to another trade fair in the southern part of Sweden. And the probably Frankfurt...


Nice writing!

We especially like the later part of the text! But we agree with all that's written and once again thanks to the X-treme team for all fantastic work and a phat weekend!


Feel the Heath...

smokin' awesome in every way. Stood two slots down from the Juxtapod with all the prices cups and worried me in a pleasant way the first morning... Pickups are the shajt!



Just about 9 months ago... And at that point there was tons of work left and the swedish version of SEMA (but way smaller) to exhibit at. And there promise that the Juxtapod would be ready for show in late march...

And for anybody that wants to see some from the build and process of the Juxtapod as well as the premiere showing at the Röhsska Art Museum you can find this in the 1 hour documentary about Ludvig (and his partner Åsa, also artist at Kosta Boda) which can be found online at svt.play under the heading - Hanteras varsamt (handle with care in swedish, that is). It's a beautiful film about much more than The Jux, even though it's my favourite part...

Sabina and The Juxtapod are...

...appearing in a Finnish car magaziane soon. The V8 magazine did a photoshoot last friday night as we were rolling into the exhibition grounds. The result will appear in print real soon I understand. It's an honour and a real neat thing to have beautiful Sabina in the picture, so to speak. My highest hopes are for the Juxtapod to hook up with her again, but next time stateside... and then preferably in sweet Cali.

And if anyone out there reading this blog might see a commercial reason - fun, profit or just for the hell of it - to join forces (and resources then) and to go to Cali as a Juxtapod partner - please get in touch with me/us! We're out to conquer the world you see!!! (or more precisely - to have fun and and a great experience!).


Super kool!

The Roadster as well as its builder and painter Gunnar Widå made the X-treme Car Show a real fun time. Me being a beginner and a first timer in this kinda environment the people you meet either make or break your experience- Gunnar and friends like Jan and Tone made my weekend in Helsinki. And the Roadster was justly awarded a price also.