crystal magic in the making!

Stacks and tank are taking shape in the legendary glashut at Åfors in Småland. Ludvig and his crew are well on their way to getting the first inter-racial offspring delivered and alive for the new Juxtapod breed of Kustom beings! Fan-freakin-tastic!

And what's more we'll see these in an even more finished state in a short while. And when Andy gets done we'll even have some moving pictures to parade here in the blogosphere!


From the deep dwellings of...

...Ludvigs mind. I'm not sure what to say but WOAHHH! I can look at it for hours... So if the Juxtapod turns out anywher near as chilly as ol' blu eyes we'll be cookin'

We had a good day at Åfors and pics and film will appear sooner than you can say EYEBALL!


Ladder bars.

Rear axle magicstuff. For those of you who have seen previous entries maybe you remember the laddebar brackets that we showed you. And in a real nice chronological order they are now in place on the rear axle and hooked up to them are the actual ladder bars. So logical yet so amazingly magical and totally inspiring!

Tomorrow we're going to the Glass works in Åfors to see Ludvig do his magic with the blow pipe and glowing "glass mass" of 6000 degrees celsius. And like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he's going to form the mass into the gas tank and maybe other crystal mysticals for the Juxtapod.

And we're filming. So that y'all can take part of this journey later on. Please stay tuned and tune others into the Juxtapod as well, like maybe mom n' dad, your boss and his wife, girlfriend, parol officer or just your local friendly neighborhood Padre.



It's the the Limey! And it's the grand master of LeBeef Kustom Metalworks. Or what was to become the grand master. Found this article in an old MCM rag and hardly recognized Mattias except for the focused and dead serious look in his eyes. When it comes to quality and execution of fabrication and builds of motorized vehicles of the kooler kind he gets this look I have noticed.


Support stuff underneath...

So nice and well done its ashame it's going to be covered up with gearcase, bodywork and basically everything else on the Juxtapod. But I guess it's like wearing real hot and fine underwear, nobody sees it but YOU know its there...grrrrr... feelin good ... tiger!



Yes I got them!

Just found the Buick Roadmaster 42 - 48 tail lights, NOS lenses and chrome bezels. Aint cheap but now we got them! Gotto get them home from Rockford Illinois first, though!
One more down and plenty more to go!

Movin' right along

Getting the gauge into position. Tons of work to do but it's going to be real nice when we get there. And finally we know that a load of stuff we need is on the way from Texas via Cali to Vargön. Not a day to soon, but great not be in the dark about it now. Time is a factor f'sure! Just like in the TV shows...


It feels good...

...to step through the door att LeBeef's. Fun stuff everywhere!

Talking back

... my headline writing creativity is running out, if there ever was any to begin with. But what I tried to alude to is the ladder bars that go in the back end of the Juxtapod. Mattias is holding newly water jetted brackets(I think they might be called that... got to check my swedish- english work shop dictionary) for the ladder bars. But s-t the same what they are called, you see how it's going to work I guess.

We also got some Radirs Tri-ribs and kool tires enroute. Can't wait to se them on.

Front end lingo...

Dropped I-Beam, spring perches, schackles, bat wings and hairpins. It's all greek to me... well not quite, but you got to admit it sounds kinda funny. But looks real nice when it all comes together. And it's very critical for vehicle handling and road safety (har har...) We're missing a few hundred hours of grinding, polishing and chrome-ing though.


The father of juxtapose

Robert Williams started in the late 60's (I think) an "underground" art magazine by the name of Juxtapoz. This is where we got the idea for the name of this project - Juxtapod. So credit should go to this man for that, but that's only a mini-miniscule of the deed and genius of the man.

The piece with the hot rod crash blew my mind many years ago and there are tons of work just as exiting. And work in all shapes and forms. I dont he think he saw any limitations. Google around and check him out. It is well worth it. You'll be smiling alot!

I'll try to get back with one of the coolest biker pics. of all time. It presents a chopped pan with a chromed VL springer, pinstriped bell bottoms, sandals and Robert Williams... It's to kool for skool

Do it!