One of ten...

...outstanding cars at the Sundsvall Hot Rod and Kustom show. And now back in the garage for a rest untill the next event at Elmia.
Prices are nice but peoples liking is better!


Going up north with Björn!

The Juxtapod is of to The Sundsvall Hot Rod and Kustom show. I wont be going though but Mattias LeBeef will be ther together with Micke from M&M Autowiring. Go there and talk to them and buy stuff from them. Cause you cant anything better!
The Juxtapod was safely and expertly transported by Björn. A true gentleman with a definitive autoracing pedigree and many exiting stories and experiences. One of them is by accident meeting up with Nelson Mandela by chance and getting to sit down with him for an informal talk in a supermarket...

Might be going to Vegas...

A long way left to go though, but it's a nice thought. We're in the Meguiars SEMA challange as eventually one of 15 finalists. And if we make it all the way it will be great. I would really like to see Mattias, Ludvig, Blaster and many more get their excellent work presented "over there".

In my mind we win... but that's just me (and many more I hope).


Friday at Kustom Motor Show in Matchbox Town

So, all in all a nice day. G came to keep med company. And I got to talk to tons of nice people who almost all called the Jux things like Unique, beautiful, Oh look a Barbie Car, something really new, "I'm 110% original freak but this is something else...

And on top of this the Jux is nominated in the Meguiars Challange among 10 other fantastic cars. And we got a cup and a poster to prove it! Winning this challange means going to Las Vegas to the huge SEMA show. The mere thought is rewarding... Then we could maybe stay for GNRS and other neat things. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - we're swedish and we definately dont get happy before we have a reason... (f-k that I'm happy as it is!)

So thanks all nice people for supporting and liking this project!

Krushed marble nite

Getting reday for the Kustom Motor show meant diggin deep in a barrel of dusty marbleckrush. Stirring up a little bit of marble dust I was worried I was gonna get lynched by the neighbors polishing away. However they were just real nice and stayed at making fun of me!


Effing skary, every time...

Loading up to go to Matchbox town for the Custom Motor Show during easter. I dont know why I'm scared shitless everytime we do this loading and unloading procedure. Maybe, and probably it's because of all the great work and effort that was put into it. And I hope my friends and craftsmen behind the Juxtapod will be awarded at the show. I should add that I'm just as proud and awed as I am scared.

Hope to see you at the show! At least some! There's going to be a massive amount of kool stuff!