The future's so bright...

This image doesn't add much to the story so far in a logical progress sense. But in a more subtle way it just feels so darn good! It just looks so neat and promising!

We've got the grill and stuff at the chrome company. We've got Radirs and rubbers en route. We've got crystal bits and pieces in the process and we're showing the Juxtapod officiall for the first time in 4 weeks! Stressful but real fun!

And its only 2010...


Merry X-mas and...

...isn't it kool when someone gets the obvious idea thats so easy, but then so darn hard to get. For y'all un-swedes this ain't so easy to get but the candle holders in glass are typically swedish and have always been in red and made of wood - for like seven hundred years. Till now, when someone saw the obvious - or actually the not-so-obvious...

And that's really what the Juxtapod is all about. So in other words - go create somthin'

Have a Merry Kristal Kristmas!


Jonas helped me fix it!

If you've been here before you'll notice that stuff looks better. I think a feeling of structure and order paired with a laid back ease and just plain smoothness comes over you right now. And that's great! Because that's just what we want. A blog and digital resting place for some recuperation and artistic input. A place to have bit of fun between boring IRl drag such as tooth ache, deadlines, income tax returns and scraping the ice from your car windows.

All content isn't in place, and that's just to get you coming back to see if it's there yet...


Sizzlin' hot

The grill is going to be awesome. Even without the crystal it looks like a gem. But with som grind, polish and with the good ol' krom n' kristall treatment (well "the good new" actually) It will sparkle and shine the way for the Juxtapod journey.


It's friday night and...

...it's Taco night. Which brings me to... (my wife says just this instant - you can't blog now... the kids need to eat and the neighbors are here...). So I'll just leave you with this piece...

I like it! Do you?


krome and kristall missing but...

...otherwise ready to go. Mattias crafting is fast, accurate and insanely smooth! Even though the wheel is minimal we're going to need one of those racing thingimabobs where you can quick release the wheel from the post so that my fat ass will get into the vehicle... and other fat asses likewise...



Just arrived from Wolfs Island!

An instrument of guidance and direction! Sweet from the start, but about to get even better...

Klear as Krystal!

Whats he doin'... What the heck is that?

Well stay tuned and you'll see!


Jackie and Ludvig at LeBeef today

Sweet puppy and a great artist! We had a good day together today! Thanks all, Benjamin, Lisa, Mattias, Laban, Ludvig, Pabst and Jackie.

Peace and Love!

Sebban iz the man!

Sebban had the right answer to the pop-quiz below. As it turns out he was also the only one answering (you lazy pucks) but who gives a hoot. He had the right answer. And here's a closer look of whats to come in the grill.

So if I get two answers in the next pop-quiz we'll be a 100 percent improved! and wouldn't that be grand! But then again, who gives an rats behind... The Juxtapod is on the move! And Sebban iz our man!


First show - in the nude

So for all of you in Sweden and Gothenburg during the 19-22 of January 2011 you can see the first of the Juxtapod at the Automässan auto industry fair. The fair is like a small SEMA but without the kool rods and customs. However the Juxtapod will be there to spice things up. The fair is, despite the lack of rods and kool builds, a real neat and interesting show if you're in the aftermarket auto industry or just plain like automotive stuff.

We will be planning the Juxtapod booth in detail and we're right by the big café so we're expecting alot of traffic and interest. There will be no revving the 348 though - cause it ain't allowed. (and the mill probably wont be together by then either...)

And "in the nude" was my corny way of pointing out that paint and chrome will be missing. Bare metal is the word for the show!
For the Juxtapod in full bloom you'll have to wait till spring...