The Juxtapod is on the move...

These pics are from last week when we moved out of the Röhsska museum after 2 months on display. A great two months where the Juxtapod certainly made an impression on an audience not so used to Hot Rods and Kustom Kulture. But nevertheless basically everyone was positive and had big smiles after seeing and experiencing the rod-crystal-mash-up. Just like we wanted it. And it even made an appreciated centrepiece at the impromptu Gay Club Goa Gubbar at the HBTQ festival last month. Totally great! A bit of bling strikes well at an occasion like that.
And personally I got to share some quality time with three great ladies in their late 80's talking about the Juxtapod and hot rods in general at the After Work we had last thursday. Totally nice and inspiring!

Tomorrow we're of for a new two month stint, this time at the Växjö Art museum which is real exiting. And Växjö is right smack in the middle of the swedish crystal and art glass country o it should be a bit like coming home.