Work in progress

These pics are a few weeks old but focus is on getting the job done right now... not taking pictures. Thats the way it is once in a while even though we want to update as frequently as possible. But they are nice and interesting images - for people who think they are intreresting that is. To others it's just junk and old metal.

And aint that the beauty of choice and opinion!

By the way, I learned that Ford made 4 000 000 A Fords during the four years they were in production...


More drafts and drawings...

and constantly materializing IRL... It just keeps on getting better and better!


Lookin inside s'moore

The inside from another angle. Steering wheel look kinda Banjo, but who knows in the end. Materials probably the most exiting mix of swedish art crystal, metal, leather, hardwoods, pearls, diamonds, gold and sweat...

But thats now... Who knows where it will end up. We're open and interested for opinions and ideas.

Need these!

So if anyone out there sees this and gotz sum. I'm buyin' at a reasonable price!


From paper to metal!

Some drawings that Mattias and Ludvig worked out in the shop at LeBeef Kustom Metalworks in early 2010. And it's coming together step by step. We've even got the gauge fom stateside. Think we found it in the great state of Texas... So now the eyes of Texas are upon us!

Inside vision...

It's not going to be a "roomy" inside but it's going to be sweet. We're talking cr..., no wait, let's not talk, let's get it done and y'all will see in time.

But it will be the perfect mash up of classic Hot Rod and other stuff... (no that really made things clearer didn't it...?)


Another 28 with sugar on top...

... or rather a Harley JD in the bed! Might even be a '28 too! This pic is from the A-Bombers Old Style Weekend about a month ago. And for anyone with any kind of preference or passion for the old kool stuff (mainly motorized stuff) this meet is a blast! Bike and cars/trucks up till 56 roughly are all over. And happy nice people!

Thanks Annelie of Lil' Kandy Shop for letting me use the pics!


Bedtime IKEA stylee

Instead of cutting up a 28 pickup bed we decided to go with new bed and save a bit of history. And it looks like the manufacturer has glanced towards the IKEA idea - stuff in flat packages for DIY assembly. But way cooler...

Tomorrow we're of for the biggest bike run in Sweden - the 25'th year of Mälaren Runt! 4 days of bikeriding and having an all around good time.

Just kinda nice

It's been around and you can't realy argue with it. If you even wanted to. And it's really nice to say too! oFFenhAUssser...


8 pics of progress and skill!

Mattias is putting in hard work and dedication to the aft part of the cab to get it just right. Chopping is so much more than just cutting down the inches. It's about symmetry and total apperance together with all other lines on the rod. It's complicated and demanding. But we've got the man to do it! So for chopping in style turn to LeBeef Kustom Metalworks.

Start at the bottom pic. and follow progress and craftmanship upwards! The only way is up!

Who would have thought...

... that names like Offenhauser and Stromberg would end up on Löfgrens studio table. Metal för speed giving an exiting contrast to crystal and art in a glas hut in the deep woods of Småland, Sweden.

And if anyone observed the cryptic metal rings in a previous entry, well the puzzle keeps adding up... Soon, real soon we might get the full story.

Black and white!

A good stylish and classic combination. A complete package for haulin' ass and looking good doing it. And they'll fit nicely on Radir three ribs...


Add imagination

and you wont be able to sleep all night.

Before and after once again!

the dash is almost in place. As seen previously it's been massaged and altered in a serious way to fit in the AA cab. Mattias is fabricating a console in the middle in lines and symmetry yet undisclosed to human kind. Be sure to stay tuned for the revelation to come

Gettin´ down...

with the nitty gritty, like fixin rusted up sheet metal in the body wotk. Ponder though, that the date of production for this Ford AA is 1928, so no wonder that time has scared certain parts. But behold Mattias, aka Mr LeBeeF, with his skill and his tig goes to set the flaws of passing time right. Kind of a classic before and after entry in this blog...


Not a Juxtapod but nice enough

32' Ford with a 58' 392 Hemi, Weiand intake manifold and Edelbrock carbs.

The carb of choice

Not only for the Juxtapod but for tons of Hot Rod builders for many years. Kool name, good lookin, easy and realiable and from South Bend. And how cool is that... South Bend Indiana!

More to come on the Stromberg angle. There must be a swedish connection there...


Now what do these have to do with...

... hot rod's? Well previously absolutely nothing. But that's changing! Stay tuned for more elaboration on this subject!


W-series from Chevrolet

Chevrolet developed the W series, named after the rocker covers that resembled a W, mostly because they needed new engines since the demands in the market pointed att bigger vehicles and more powerful performance. So the exisiting engine alternatives really didnt match the demands of a new and booming market. Chevrolet introduced the small block V8 (265 ci) in ’55 but it couldn’t obviuosly do the job alone.

The Chevrolet 348 was first introduced in October of ’57 as a new Truck engine, but as cars became bigger due to the general trend it was decided that the 348 would be used for cars also.

It presented some new thoughts in engine construction which basically delivered good tourqe all over the range. It developed its - as it’s called - maximum brake mean effective pressure - at relatively low speed giving the driver a powerful and comfortable ride - even if it was in a big car or truck. You now that krusin’ feelin’. Gliiiidin'.

The first engines came in two alternatives, a 250 hp and a 280 hp. Late in ’58 a 315 hp 348 was introduced. The higher hp engines were given high lift cams, solid lifters and a 3-2 barrel carb set up.Evetually the heads were improved and they were fitted with dual point distributors

And in the great american tradition of koool and over-the-top names and brands the different alternatives were given such names as: Turbo-Thrust escalating in the Supert-Turbo-Thrust and with a final climax in the... yeahhh you guessed it! the Special-Super-Turbo-Thrust! Dang I’m blown away - just gotta have one of them!!!!

Chevrolet continously developed higher hp 348 engines through the years ending up with a 350 hp 348, Chevy took a full step and introduced the famed 409 engine in ’61.

The 348 was produced until ’64. But after ’61 it only served in trucks.

And finally a spec sheet I found googleing around...

  • Cubic Inch=348
  • Bore=4.125
  • Stroke=3.25
  • Firing order=1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2
  • Engine Weight=640/650lbs
  • Forged Crank=has round flywheel bolt flange
  • Connecting rod length=6.135 inches
  • Crankshaft mains=2.4977
  • Push rod length=exhaust 9.140, intake 8.772
  • Push rod diameter=5/16" (all)
  • Fuel pump push rod length=5.75 inches
  • Dipstick on Drivers side
  • Ignition timing=4 degrees B.T.D.C.
  • Spark plugs=AC44 (standard), AC45 (hotter), AC43 (colder)
  • Spark plug gap=.035"
  • Rocker arm ration=1.75:1
  • Internally balanced
  • All 348's were assembled at the Tonowanda plant.


Or our 348 thats going in The Juxtapod. The first Big Block Chevy as a matter of fact. So It's real big! Engines big but the rest clean, slim and smooth!

28 Ford AA.

In 1928 Ford replaced the Model T and the TT, as the truck was named, with the Model A and AA.
The A which is the the car, was the base for the Truck - AA, which rated at 1.5 tons. The truck was available as a Closed cab which basically is with a fixed roof or as a Roadster, what we would refer to as a convertible. Even though Roadster sounds way cooler.

Both the A and the AA carried a 200 cubic inch (3.3 litres) water-cooled, L-head four-cylinder engine that produced approx 40 horsepower, along with a sliding-gear three-speed transmission. We are aiming for a little bit more power than that, though... And some more gears I guess. It came with a one-barrel Zenith up-draft carb and dashed around the roads at a top speed of about 65 mph or 104 km/h as we say here in the old part of the world.

A closed cab pickup sold for about $475 which is not what the price is nowadays... or you could splurge and order the top-of-the-line Town Car and impress your neighboors and spend no less than 14 hundred bucks...

And finally, the model Awas the first to have safety glass in the windshield.

The last model A, as I understand, was produced in march in 1932 when the mdel B was introduced. By then 4 849 340 Model A had been produced in plants in the US, Argentina, Canda, France, the UK and Germany .

How many of those were Trucks I haven't found. But who gives a hoot - we've got one and thats plenty!

All of a sudden...

... my phone sounds and in the inbox I find these images from a friend. -Hey Johan what do you think about this truck - it belongs to a friend of mine who just came around for a visit.

It's '28 Ford AA and it's totaly awesome. A daily runner and trusted companion. It aont fast but it's sweet! And I would imagine that it makes everyday kind of special.