If the Jux was a bike...

.. it could look like something like Jude Pakalens magnificent lowrider/digger type Beeza.It's qute amazing with tons of neat details. Only thing it needs is some kristal touches...and that it was in my garage.


A kaddy n' som kristall!

The Jux was by far the most beautiful thing at the show (in many ways exactly like my kids are the cutest - I'm totally objective...) but I take my hat of to the builder of the DeVille. It was so awesome it was like a time machine feeling to it... Back to 62 I think. Amazing!


Oh yes... by the way...

The Juxtapod did win the US Custom class 1 prize. Thanks! It's definately an honor!

At Bella Center...

Nice show with lots of different aspects of motor culture. The Juxtapod was appreciated by many and we heard nice things from alot of people. Extra fun was that mattias LeBeef was with me at the show. We also met up the good blokes from Jamesville - James, Peter, Young Angus and a bunch of great guys!


Heading south to CPH

Going to Copenhagen to experience the Scandinavian Motor Show and to see all the cool stuff thats there. Might mention that the Juxtapod is there as well. Hopefully we might take home a price or two of some sort. Hopefully we might see some nice danish rods and bikes. We know that James from Jamesville is there with a bunch of nice bikes of the more klassik chopper persuation. Which we like! We also hope we might get a beer or two and a little sumthin' for our aching backs!


Back in Norway again!

For the Oslo Motor Show. Great show with tons of people. Thanks to Johan N. who helped out a great deal. The Juxtpod was awarded prices from both the jury and the exhibitors. We're real grateful and proud!


In Norway last week and soon there again!

The Juxtapod appeared at Tyrolits both at the Tekniske Messe in Oslo last week and apparently people liked it well. Tyrolit had alot of people in their booth for both their products as well as the car. So they team up well. And just today it seems like we closed the deal to go to Oslo Motor Show the 26-28 of October in Oslo again. And the weekend after that we go to Copenhagen. Nice.


See you there, hvergang!

Grea fun! We're invited to Copenhagen and the Scandinavian Motor Show. Copenhagen is a great town and a motor show is always fun! Hence Great fun. Come and see the Juxtapod! Dau!


From the assembly - reminissin´

It's just beautiful and so thoroughlly well built and perfect in all and every detail... Well worth looking at now and again. Might soon get back to that Meguiars SEMA Challange story... I'll just wait and see if someone might get their act and backbone together.


Showin' of with Tyrolit and SIA in Norway

At the aftermarket autofair at Lilleström last february. We'll be heading back to Norway late september for the Tekniska Mässan. It will be real cool supporting true friends and partners to the Juxtapod project. (We've seen enough freeloaders for a long while now...)


At Vida Museum Öland this past summer

Quite a different setting than a Car show, but still very rewarding and nice. It was great to see diferent the different way that Ludvig expresses his artistic ideas. All of them added to each other and in a beautiful setting right by the sea.


We're at Meguiars SEMA Challenge and...

...getting our ass fryed in more sense than one. And that's a story I'll get back to if I must. However we had thousands of happy people taking a look and praising the craftsmanship, the idea and the sheer fun of it! I was proud as a rooster and very grteful to the skilled people involved that made the dream come true! There's alot of passion and energy in this world which is fantastic. But there are also some people feeding of the work and devotion of others - as always - which sucks!


Glass and motorvehicle related stuff do well together. As well as ingenious people. So simple and obvious that it takes a clever person to see it!


Questions on copper

These pieces are so full of colors and thoughts and paradoxes and ambiguities it makes me laugh and cry at the same time.



I could write a shitload on what I felt when I saw this for the first time. And it would have nothing to do with the relatively obvious phallic connotations. But I'll keep it to myself and stay at just saying that I want one of these bad. There will be five of them. A totally magnificent piece in every way! Ride that cob dear!


A new combination

As well as the Juxtapod is a somewhat strange combination between crystal and metal, these are done with the new and cool technique combining a classic pinstriping paintbrush with indian ink. Real neat effect!



The Artist presently known as Ludvig Löfgren. Right before grand opening. Tired, dazed and confused after long nights of hard work and suddenly getting the Juxtapod roof-mirror in his hand one hour before deadline...
Every mans dream... right?
A wide varienty of artistic expression and solid genius right through!
The all-seer!
The kristal possé. Or at least a small part of it. Git yer ass to Öland and the Vida art museum to check out Ludvigs amazing work. It's well worth it. And ther is also alot of other nice stuff. And not to förget - also available on Öland - the Kroppkaka!


Back at Elmia for Tyrolit

This week The Jux has been shining and attracting attention for our esteemed partner Tyrolit at the welding trade show in Jönköping. Visible in one fo the pics. is Tyrolit product maestro Göran Nyberg who did som actual hands-on work on the creation of the Juxtapod. This guy knows what he's doing! Tomorrow, friday the show closes and then we load up the Juxtapod and head south-east to Öland ( a large island of the souteast coast of Sweden - well worth visiting)and Vida Art Museum. At Vida there will be an Exhibition all summer featuring Ludvigs fantastic work. I'll post some pictures from it next week.


One of ten...

...outstanding cars at the Sundsvall Hot Rod and Kustom show. And now back in the garage for a rest untill the next event at Elmia.
Prices are nice but peoples liking is better!


Going up north with Björn!

The Juxtapod is of to The Sundsvall Hot Rod and Kustom show. I wont be going though but Mattias LeBeef will be ther together with Micke from M&M Autowiring. Go there and talk to them and buy stuff from them. Cause you cant anything better!
The Juxtapod was safely and expertly transported by Björn. A true gentleman with a definitive autoracing pedigree and many exiting stories and experiences. One of them is by accident meeting up with Nelson Mandela by chance and getting to sit down with him for an informal talk in a supermarket...

Might be going to Vegas...

A long way left to go though, but it's a nice thought. We're in the Meguiars SEMA challange as eventually one of 15 finalists. And if we make it all the way it will be great. I would really like to see Mattias, Ludvig, Blaster and many more get their excellent work presented "over there".

In my mind we win... but that's just me (and many more I hope).


Friday at Kustom Motor Show in Matchbox Town

So, all in all a nice day. G came to keep med company. And I got to talk to tons of nice people who almost all called the Jux things like Unique, beautiful, Oh look a Barbie Car, something really new, "I'm 110% original freak but this is something else...

And on top of this the Jux is nominated in the Meguiars Challange among 10 other fantastic cars. And we got a cup and a poster to prove it! Winning this challange means going to Las Vegas to the huge SEMA show. The mere thought is rewarding... Then we could maybe stay for GNRS and other neat things. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - we're swedish and we definately dont get happy before we have a reason... (f-k that I'm happy as it is!)

So thanks all nice people for supporting and liking this project!

Krushed marble nite

Getting reday for the Kustom Motor show meant diggin deep in a barrel of dusty marbleckrush. Stirring up a little bit of marble dust I was worried I was gonna get lynched by the neighbors polishing away. However they were just real nice and stayed at making fun of me!


Effing skary, every time...

Loading up to go to Matchbox town for the Custom Motor Show during easter. I dont know why I'm scared shitless everytime we do this loading and unloading procedure. Maybe, and probably it's because of all the great work and effort that was put into it. And I hope my friends and craftsmen behind the Juxtapod will be awarded at the show. I should add that I'm just as proud and awed as I am scared.

Hope to see you at the show! At least some! There's going to be a massive amount of kool stuff!