If the Jux was a bike...

.. it could look like something like Jude Pakalens magnificent lowrider/digger type Beeza.It's qute amazing with tons of neat details. Only thing it needs is some kristal touches...and that it was in my garage.


A kaddy n' som kristall!

The Jux was by far the most beautiful thing at the show (in many ways exactly like my kids are the cutest - I'm totally objective...) but I take my hat of to the builder of the DeVille. It was so awesome it was like a time machine feeling to it... Back to 62 I think. Amazing!


Oh yes... by the way...

The Juxtapod did win the US Custom class 1 prize. Thanks! It's definately an honor!

At Bella Center...

Nice show with lots of different aspects of motor culture. The Juxtapod was appreciated by many and we heard nice things from alot of people. Extra fun was that mattias LeBeef was with me at the show. We also met up the good blokes from Jamesville - James, Peter, Young Angus and a bunch of great guys!


Heading south to CPH

Going to Copenhagen to experience the Scandinavian Motor Show and to see all the cool stuff thats there. Might mention that the Juxtapod is there as well. Hopefully we might take home a price or two of some sort. Hopefully we might see some nice danish rods and bikes. We know that James from Jamesville is there with a bunch of nice bikes of the more klassik chopper persuation. Which we like! We also hope we might get a beer or two and a little sumthin' for our aching backs!