From the assembly - reminissin´

It's just beautiful and so thoroughlly well built and perfect in all and every detail... Well worth looking at now and again. Might soon get back to that Meguiars SEMA Challange story... I'll just wait and see if someone might get their act and backbone together.


Showin' of with Tyrolit and SIA in Norway

At the aftermarket autofair at Lilleström last february. We'll be heading back to Norway late september for the Tekniska Mässan. It will be real cool supporting true friends and partners to the Juxtapod project. (We've seen enough freeloaders for a long while now...)


At Vida Museum Öland this past summer

Quite a different setting than a Car show, but still very rewarding and nice. It was great to see diferent the different way that Ludvig expresses his artistic ideas. All of them added to each other and in a beautiful setting right by the sea.


We're at Meguiars SEMA Challenge and...

...getting our ass fryed in more sense than one. And that's a story I'll get back to if I must. However we had thousands of happy people taking a look and praising the craftsmanship, the idea and the sheer fun of it! I was proud as a rooster and very grteful to the skilled people involved that made the dream come true! There's alot of passion and energy in this world which is fantastic. But there are also some people feeding of the work and devotion of others - as always - which sucks!


Glass and motorvehicle related stuff do well together. As well as ingenious people. So simple and obvious that it takes a clever person to see it!