Quite alot of coverage...

... of the Juxtapod at the Interior Design fair Formex last week. Press, bloggs, twitter and alot of different channels posted fantastic remarks and opinions of the Juxtapod and Ludvig and the crew. We're real happy and next is Oslo and then Custom Motor show at Elmia. And then maybe if all works out we might Go West Young Man!


Lighting up their day!

Yupp, the Juxtapod creates bright shining smiles everywhere it goes. And alot so at the interior design fair FORMEX in Stockholm right now. Seems like a team from TV will shoot some and maybe we're on the news soon! Nice and appreciating posts on blogs and chats and Social media. Sweet!


Off to Stockholm one early morning

Now the Juxtapod can be seen live at Formex Tradeshow at Älvsjömässan. This is from yesterday morning when my trusty friend and transport-pro Janne Wåglund came around for the pick up. 6 hours later I got the call that it was delivered safe and sound!
So if your in the neighborhood check it out at the Kosta Boda showcase at Formex.


Artists at work

Ludvig painting on an alternative canvas just days befor first showing of the Juxtapod. Close by Mattias LeBeef conducted artistry in asembling and fabricating, Micke from M&M got us connected by running wires to a flawless system. And adjacent in the metropolis of Grästorp the legendary Blaster and Krantz painted and pinstriped in a class of their own. It was hectic and stressful but turned out magic...

As we enter 2012 we're looking forward to showing more of the Juxtapod. And we have some dates lined up. Next week at the Formex trade show for interior design to start out with. In Stockholm that is. More on this to come if you're interested!


You dont wanna be shakin this tree!

A beejutifull glass palmtree designed and made by Ludvig. Hopefully we might be able to use it and some other real neat stuff from Ludvig in a show in the future.


The story in V8

Cant understand a word in finnish, But you know what they say a picture says more than...and so on. But we're real proud and beg forgiveness for the crappy iPhone pic.