Tyrolit is now our official partner!
Tyrolit is one of the worlds leading manufacturer of cutting and grinding products and solutions. And now also in the Juxtapod team. Also world leading! So it kinda fits well!

And yes - you see it correctly. It's Mattias LeBeef on the Tyrolit poster. So we've cooperated with Tyrolit before and know each other since a while back. And we plan on having fun in the future too. And with a Hot Rod with swedish art glass - that wont be to difficult...

We've found new friends
It's soon going to be polish and chrome time. And there's going to be alot of grindning, polishing and buffing to do before hairpins, ladderbars, perches, batwings and the works get dipped and then assembled to the final ride. 
So today I visited the Ludvigssons at Töreboda Polerfabrik and we decided that february will be a good month for some Juxtapod work! 
Great guys, Håkan - the Dad - and his two sons (I met Ronnie today) run the operation and wwelcomed me real well and showed tons of fun stuff they're workin on. Everything from nuclear powerplant surveillance camerahouses to Military shot glasses and air gun chambers. And the polishing machines -dang huge! And they've beefed them up to...

Automässan 2011 - the first Juxtapod show!
As previously announced we'll be appearing att the Automässan show 19 - 22 january 2011. The Juxtapod will be "under construction" as far ass chrome and paint will be missing. Basically al fabrication will be done, alot of the crystal art by Ludvig will be on display. And the Juxtapod Krew will be there. Maybe not all of the time but alot.

Next up - Röhsska Art Museum april and may

Headlining at Röhsska during two months is a great honor since the Juxtapod will be accompanied by tons of other fantastic creations and pieces of art and culture. A hot rod at an art museum is in a way somthing we've really been strivin for in this project. Mixin' it up! Kustom Kulture meets the fine arts and the result is a bitchin' love child thar roars and shines in a way you ain't seen before!

Make a note of goin to Röhsska to see us - and there have been rumors of a block party to set it all off! rides, bikes, burgers and brew and then some!