of for a dip!

Alot of crome swimmin' for Juxtapod parts these days. But before that even more grinding and polishing. Time is short and theres alot to do.

Stay tuned and support us as we move towards the finishing line! Respect to Mattias - a true professional! LeBeeF Kustom Metalworks rules!


in the house!

Finaly rims and rubber are safe in the shop at Mattias in Vargön. A long time comin' f'sure. Bur darn welcome anyway.

Sweet lookin and we cant wai to get em in place.

Stay tuned!


Dames up above...

... and palmtrees and pure heaven. Ludvig is creating a comfortable and uplifting driving environment.

I just got back from three weeks in the sun with the family and I'll try to shake some action into this ol' blog. Mattias, Blaster, Micke, Ludvig and everybody in the team is working like crazy to meet our deadline for the Röhsska Art Museum exhibition.

So now it's up to me to git crackin' to...

See y'all soon...


Hi from the wireguy - Micke at M&M Autowiring

Now the cable harness for the Jux is halfway produced, which means that I have

a noodle incident on my workbench.

But after some combing and wrapping the harness is ready to go in the Jux.

We use a special tape for the harness to let it look a little bit retro, and the

charging cables are a little beefed up for better juice to the battery.

We also included a couple of extra outlets for battery and ignition feed if

something extra is coming up down the road. And there is connectors for

our special turnsignal gizmo…if ever needed.

The electrical system is based on our EASY REWIRING HOTROD KIT,

that has gotten a few alterations but the base is the 7 fuses 2 relays central

that is going to be mounted inside the console.

For the front we have chosen cotton wrapped cables for the engine to get

a cooler retro style, we also included turn signal wires if ever needed.

The next step will be to lay out the harness in the Jux and start cutting

cables and crimping terminals for the contacts and bulb holders.

More updates to come

Micke the wire guy