Check out Annelies and martins great pics!



Great guys - great pictures!


Press clippings #1

After Röhsska last night this morning.

After the morning press meeting we re-assembled at 6 in the evening to have the official opening - or as they say in the art world - a vernissage.
We had a great turnout of friends, family and art lovers in a fantastic mix. Alot of our guests came to the Röhsska art museum for the first time and hopefully some will come back again. And maybe some of the Röhsska crowd might want to make it to a Hot Rod and Custom show in the future. Then we would have achieved one goal with the Juxtapod.

The Juxtapod looks stunning, even though we have a few things to do before actual start up. But it's an enormous effort that has been put in to get it to the museum in time, so we're proud and happy that it looks so darn good - and it sure makes people smile! And that's another goal achieved.

Regarding the pictures - I forgot to take s single picture last night and have to make do with what Axel, my son, took after he shanghaied my iPhone. I'll try to get hold of some more and better so I can show some more of this great evening.


At Röhsska this morning.

Left Vargön 07.13 arrived Göteborg 09.00. Press meeting done and rubbers cleaned up. Som spit and polish and we're in for the premiere at 6 pm tonight.

Thanks all and it's just the beginning.


Monday Evening Post

Have no words at this moment, so therfore...

Monday morning post

05.22 and this pic wakes me up totally. We're in on the last 24 h... Tomorow morning at 0700...
Meeet the press at 1000 and the good people at 1800.


Images on a sunday before a...

... tuesday with a capitol T. I'll say no more and let y'all check out the pics. and I'll post some more as we go along.

And we've got a few comments and remarks and that makes us real happy ! Gracias! Give us some feed back!


Progress on a saturday night.

Beds on and The Juxtapod is getting closer and closer to the official showing tuesday night at the Röhsska art museum in Göteborg.


No more borrowed wheels

Standing on four of it's own right now. The Juxtapod is materializing bit by bit and looking good and getting better by the hour. The Vargön crew is working magic!

Cab on!

Whoooooa! can't say anything but Whooooaaa!

Straight outta Vargön!

Roof mounted. Semi-convertible kinda... Marriage point closing in. Happily ever after.


Progression in the rear end

Stay tuned... Things are happening all the time. And please let us hear you!!! Comment, be known and heard, support or critisize... Just let us know you're out there!

A glimpse...

... of the finished product, so to speak. Even with the crappy iPhone camera it still looks stunning. Imagine what a bit of day- and sunlight will do... WILD!

Paint it white

Our resident artist using the paintbrush for once. Usually its glowing glass mass and a pipe. And it's delicate artwork with 97 bases... fit for an artist.



Here's some pic's fresh outta the the Vargön assembly shop. White goes well with chrome and the dubbel-jus's go well with... well I guess with everything.


Incoming from Vargön

Mattias burning the midnight oil in fabrication clean cool fuel lines for the 6 stromberg 97 set up. Of for chroming tomorrow morning. Fuel pump is on the way from Falun. Bit by bit...

On borrowed wheels...

... for the last time in a long while. Blaster has done his grade A magic and the body is of to the LeBeef assembly hall. We've gotbody, bed, the kylarmask, the tranny, engine, rims n'n rubbers and like a billion chromed stuff. And some crystal for that matter. The Olds rear axle is making it's way up from the deep dark forests of Little-land. We've got a fuelpump en route from Falun and a progressive linkage somewhere in the mid-US... And we aint got hardly any time...

But still there is so much looking so good!

So please stay tuned and spread around for even more cosmic support!


One step further.

Closing in on D-day! Mattias and crew putting in a fantastic effort. Still a long way to go in a scary short amount of time. Nervous but thrilled...


Just can't...

...refrain myself from sharing this. Said I wouldn't some posts ago, but since then I kinda changed my mind. Blaster is the man! Still short of a few trix, but it is looking too good for words already! Word!


Assembly is of to a start...

...at least sort of. We want to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to our friends at Töreboda Polerfabrik who've worked their butts off to get everything ready in time. And Martin and the guys at Göteborgs Förnicklingsindustri (the Chrome shop). They've done an amazing job of getting all the parts chromed and ready. Thanks all!

They go good together

White and chrome go good together. And if you add Blasters paint-genius and Ludvigs crystal creations I think we're all in for a treat. And come the 29:th we'll see it for real... hopefully...


Is that pertty or what. And it aint done n' finished yet. But I won't show no more till Blaster is done. But it's going to be sumthin' else. With white, chrome, crystal and what not...

Real pertty!


Like clay and longstraw

is a swedish saying translated by me. I'm refering to this and tha previous post... See where I'm going... you do the math... and so forth...

Palmtrees and dames!

Etched in a mirror for a bright and promising reflection. Ludvigs vision of what is to be expected up above?

Anyway, it will make a great rod inner roof!

Chrome's stackin up...

... in the assembly room. Meanwhile the time is runnin' out. Left an exhorbitant amount of stuff at the chroming shop this morning. And we're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll be ready in time. As well as a bunch of other stuff. But that's where we are.

Stay tuned and pray for us!


Meanwhile... back in the jungle ooaahhh...

Or in Grästorp, which is more like swedish Cowboy country than jungle. Two pardners work away on a stagecoach called Juxtapod.
Blaster and Krantz are closing in on painting day!!!!
Extremely exiting!

Stay tuned!!!

Like piece of candy!

It looks totally great! Our friend Conny Löf at Blästerteknik in Ödeborg has done a fantastic job on finishing and painting the frame. And in the background, of which a of course forgot to take a pic. of (as well as other things I forgot too yersterday...) is a bunch of goodies chromed up and ready for assembly. Still an awful long way to go and everybody is working their butt's of to make deadline.

It's going to be close...


it has to come apart...

...before it can come together.

Somewhere around 250 parts polished and to chroming... Parts in Grästorp for painting by Blaster, in Töreboda for polishing, in Göteborg for chroming, frame in Ödeborg, tranny in Stenungsund, Crystal in Orrefors, glasblowing in Åfors, upholstery in Vargön... jeepers...

We're bad, we're nationwide


Just for good luck I guess

Ludvig sculpted this freehand from glowing hot glass mass... go figure... absolutely wild!

We're grinding through the days.

Crystal worked into shape for different duties on the Juxtapod. Ludvig is blowing glass into shape and grinding and polishing even further to fit some real swell applications.

Man, if we get ready in time (which we will.... or...) it's going tp be totally astonishing... Get over here to Gothenburg and Röhsska art museum starting the 29.th of this month.