Down with Ludvig...

...in deep deep Småland in the legendary glass workshop Åfors. Ludvigs studion is just overwhelming with creativity, craftsmanship, fun, koolness, and pure genius. This artist rules if you ask me!

And he is a pivotal person for the future of the swedish glass and crystal tradition and its future. Mark my word!


Three great pics... and more to come!

Take a look at some Juxtapod details. Really nicely and talently photographed by Johan Lind here in Gotenhburg.

There are so many neat details on the car it's amazing. And I'll get my ass into gear and pick up the pace on this here blog.

We're now in the process of creating some real neat trade fair material for our main sponsor Tyrolit around the making of the Juxtapod and the Tyrolit products and support that was used.
It's going to be neat to see and a definate change in the manner of trade fairs.

I'll get back to show some of that.


Sharing the light with Jonas

Is an honor in every aspect. Jonas Bohlin is a groundbreaking designer and a creative spirit in a ton of ways. And really kool. His lamp at the exhibtion is just so frekin up yours to all pretetious f's. And his chair - not shown at our exhibit though - is also totally totally free in spirit in a hot rod kinda way, I think!

Art and creativity and kool materials and comittment and fun goes a long way whatever you decide to pursue! Chairs, lamps or cars...


Craftsmanship with an edge!

Lars Piraks knife ans sheet from way up north in Sweden is craftsmanship turned into real life art. A number of materials from rain deer antler to birch wood, leather and steel joined together by hand and mind to make the everyday life both easier as well as more beautiful. Much like the Juxtapod. We want to add some good ol' laffter too...

Some more from the vernissage at Röhsska

Kind of a different Hot Rod scene... but nevertheless real fun and it's god when ideas and preferances meet and share!
A good mixture of people and interests. And flowers and grilled Angus beef and beer and family.
Bu the way, to the left of Ludvig is his other half, who also is an extraordinary glass artist. See more of Åsa Jugnelius art at kostaboda.com!


The surface

Just as paint on a rod is ther to enhence the looks it's also a way to protect the metal from corrosion. So thers a duak purpose and a way to do the neat thing of combining form with function. the link between the emotional and the rational.

This is exactly what Maarten Baas has done with the really cool charred chair. It looks real neat and charring is also a way to preserve the wood. Ted at Röhsska told me that Maarten has used the same techniqe of charring as they used to do when charring poles to drive into the ground to support houses and buildings built on "unfirm" grounds. Here in Göteborg alot of pole reinforcing was done when the city was built. Kinda soggy here...

Anyway the chair is real neat charred just like the Jux is like a piece of sweet delicious candy.


Hard to see.

But really pertty. Next time we''ll build two chassis so people can see how sweet it looks under the bed and cab. Well maybe we wont, but it would be nice...

But it's good to know that the Jux is good and solid all over. All the way!

From the night before the day...

... for the premiere at Röhsska.

If that ain't an accident waiting to happen I dont know what is... Luckily enough the hammer made it...

Press clippings #2

Nice article written by someone who wanted to understand what it's all about. Respect.
Kool pic. from a very special moment. Ca. 30 min after rolling the Jux into the showroom. After two years... Huge feeling... And one that I will remeber.

Metal shaping in different perspectives

"Steel cube and sledgehammer" is the name of Marijn van der Poll's neat piece (cube) of art. To me it gives me the images of when he did it. I really see and hear how it happend. And that's enough for me.

On the other hand Mattias metalfabrication and art is astonishing in the finish and perfection and more than experiencing it as a reflection it will be a real and practical and concrete. I will be driving and feeling all aspects of his work. The dash is just one example. But a really really good one! There are tons more, but we'll get back to them.


Place your feet on these!

The Juxtapod and it's goofy kristal pedals share the exhibition with the real kool boards of artist Mattias Norström. Instead of flake and pinstriping as seen normally on custom borads, Mattias uses the folkloristik Kurbits style of painting. Kurbits painting comes from Dalarna in Sweden, which is in the middle of Sweden and as Swedish it gets... And if you've ever seen a Dalahorse - you've seen kurbits. It's an age old craft and very beautiful and characteristic. And inspired of the spirit and flow of the woods and lakes of Dalarna.


How great isn't...

... this comment on a brit HotRod forum! It's so spot on what we set out to do. Especially the ending! Yeahhh! Thanks man - whoever you are!!!

- Or do I? Yep I possibly do think I almost like it, somehow. Something about it but I dont know what?

A great shot!

Swiped it of the Li'l Kandy shop blogg. So respect to Annelie! And see more of tehm there.
But I really think it's a good angle and a great mix of Juxtapods attitude-blend between tuff and soft. And that's really what we wanted.

We've got so much nice words and apprecitation for the Jux it's incredible. Thanks all and keep it coming... It's like love and sunshine and you can never get enough of them two!