Going back to LeBeeF

Sunday and the day after in more ways than one. 4 great days at the Auto Tade fair topped of with a release party for the Juxtapod last night made for a great week.
We met tons of happy people that liked what we're doing. Got lots of help and ideas. And now it's the last rush to get this ride in shape for the exhibtion at the Röhsska Art Museum.

So now it's g'nite and tomorrow... well that's tomorrow!


Day 3

Day three of the Auto Trade Fair brought great news. With the help of Stefan at Tyrolit, we had the pleasure of meeting the guys of Lackman. And they're going to help out in the project with the painting process. What they dont know about the process of auto painting ain't worth worrying about! We're dang fortunate. And on top of that our painter the legendary maestro Blaster knows our new friends and has worked with them before.

Last day tomorrow and probably the best day yet!


Another day in the public eye

And a god day at that! Even more people and happy faces and positive comments and well wishings. It's great and makes life grand. Today we even got some real good progress in sealing up the tank and a great idea for the interior. Thanks Loctite and Mats at Artex!

See y'all tomorrow on the flor!


Cars and sparkling stuff...

Todays greatest comment about the Juxtapod came from a real sweet girl at the car mechanic programme at a High School in Falköping. She said ...Oh my mother should have been here - she looooves cars and....sparkling stuff...

All in all it's been tons of fun showing the Juxtapod in progress at Automässan this first day. Lots of smiles, positive remarks and comments and happy nice people. Thanks for makin' our day!


In place in purple

The Juxtapod is installed at the auto trade fair. Tomorrow is opening day and we're stoked. Only thing that sucks is swedish cutoms that won't release our Radir Tri-ribs and Firestone rubbers. But all in all, we're happy...



A good view.

grill kromed and in place. Just missing some ice... And that's on it's way. The angle, the stance, the ... the ...



I'm sipping 150 year old cognac.. and I get this from Mattias. Life is grand...


Adding some Roadmaster flavor

Dr. LeBeef doing good surgery and lots of it. Deadline coming up...

We're wired

Micke at M&M Autowiring and Speedshop are on board to help out with the wiring for the Juxtapod! Fantastic!

Check 'em out at: www.pip.o.se



Yes! Sincerely sinister and sharp. Flawless in a kristal klear fashion. Protrudin' kinda... Up front and in your face!


Some about Ludvig...

Presents Ludvigs one-of-a-kind collection of über-kool kristal kraft! My wide life... Actually it's the reason we got started on the the Juxtapod idea. Which is kinda über-weird to!


15 days...

...before the first show it becomes even clearer that the amount of details and things to do and to get done is massive. Lucklily we wont have to be all done since it's a "in progress"kind a show. But right after we're getting ready for the real deal. Chroming and paint and whatnot...

So in 15 days... fun and a semi goal achieved... hopefully!