Things that make you go hmmmm...

Always a scary moment. But we work with real professionals like Janne and Björn so it always look worse than it actually is. Hats off to these fine gentlemen and their skills and care for the Juxtapod.

If you need contact with Grade A professionals in autotransports mail me...



Low and mean - not ratty but raw - attitude in bunches.
actually this is the stylee Ludvig and I statrted out talking about. The contrast between the real rawness of the car and the clearness and fragility of glass/crystal was a Juxtapose if any. But adding Mattias to the picture and a lost weekend in Wolfs Island changed all that. We went from blinged up greaser bad boy to a 60's show princess (with muscle). We went from a reasonably sane project to a .... well you've seen it.

But this with rust and raw and low and mean and packed with power still needs to be adressed... in some way, some time...


Good thing comes in threes...

Two 28's and a 30 A Ford Pickem' up trucks in a variety of stylees. A sight for sore eyes!


a dash of Kolor...

...adds life!

Sabinas choice...

...was the Juxtapod. And therfore she had to put up with a hug from me. She did a shoot with the Juxtapod friday night before I got to the venue so I'm definately looking forward to see some from it. And hopefullly I might be able to post some images here. So all the reasons to stay tuned.

And if anyone went to the X-treme and saw the Juxtapod live it would be great with some comments and reflections on this blogg. good and bad, nice and not so nice... anything. We wanna here from you!!!


The King of Kustom and...

...yours truly... Kool, But Ludvig and Mattias should have been there. At least mattias hat was...

lotsa people with happy faces around the Juxtapod

And it really stood out in all the shine and sparkle at the X-treme Car Show. Someone said that it looked and felt like a soft ice cone with sparkling topping on a hot summers day. And that's ok by me...

4 cups brought home!

Well back home from the X-treme Car Show in Helsinki Finland I got to unpack the 4 price cups the Juxtapod was awarded. Being the first car show for the Juxtapod and for me personally too - it was great. I missed Mattias, Ludvig and Blaster alot but hopefully they'll be there for the next show. It's their talent and craft that has created this beauty of a car.

So what did we win then...

- Best Hotrod in show
- 2:ond in Peoplec Choice
- The John D'Agostino Hot Rod Award
- The Sabina Kelley Choice

Pretty sweet huh!

I'll be back shortly with more from the show.


Tomorrow we're of...

... if our pick up shows up. Till then sneak a peak at Mattias newly fabbed carb linkage. We're getting there in all sorts of ways. And hopefully we might have some neat new shows for the Juxtapod to reveal.

And once again If you need anything in the way of top-shelf kustom fabrication on two or four wheels you got to talk to LeBeef. That's if you dont settle for anything except the best.


Fresh from Wolfs Island

Door panels fixed and fluffy. Looking good and specially now that rumors have it that The Juxtapod will be photographed with a very special person of a voluptous and visual kind... But you never know... I want this to happen!!! Therfore we need fluff and fancy!


The Juxtapod on Swedish TV

In the evening of sept 23 swedish national TV (Yes there is such a thing and it's called SVT) the Juxtapod will show up along with alot on Ludvig as an artist as well as his partner in life, Åsa who also is an amazingly creative an kool artist working with crystal/glass.

I suppose the documentary will be available on svt.play in the interweb for anyone who might be interested and who does not have the priveledge of Swedish national TV.

Check it out. I probaly wont since I'll be on my way to the X-treme Carshow in Helsinki Finland.


The Juxtapod aint goin' there...

...anytime soon. But my good friend and club brother, Bengan, is there hangin out and I would sure like to go there to see some action. And I read about a legend that just passed away - Fritz Kott - who much like Burt Munro dedicated his motorin' life to make an old sidevalve run as fast as possible. In Fritz case its the dream mill of mine... a 54' Harley KH and he made this old piece do 274 km/h!!! Thanks MCM for this info, by the way.


Back at Wolfs island

Mattias skilled hands and craft will finish of some details before we go to Finland. After two exhibitions in Art museums we're now of to a car show. Which will be real fun. Maybe we'll stop of in Stockholm on the way back, but that's not decided as of yet. Carb linkage and fuel system and some work on door panels etc. is on the list.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics. of progress.