It's wide open...

...territory to make real bad jokes aluding to the word bed. Bedtime story, let's go to bed, som man bäddar får man ligga (swedish, sorry!) Bedder safe than sorry... I could go on, but I'll spare y'all, you'll be bedder of.

This incredibly boring paragraph leads me inte saying that the Juxtapos now has the bed in place. At least for a while and for measurments and planning and such. The floor of the bed will cover up the kickup and make a real nice piedestall kinda plattform for the soon to be ready Krome-Krystal bonanza gas tank.

Stay tuned and we would really enjoy if one or two of the exisiting and potential visitors to this blogg would comment, cheer us on, diss us or just ask questions or make statements or give us ideas, jokes, smart remarks or anything.

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