First show - in the nude

So for all of you in Sweden and Gothenburg during the 19-22 of January 2011 you can see the first of the Juxtapod at the Automässan auto industry fair. The fair is like a small SEMA but without the kool rods and customs. However the Juxtapod will be there to spice things up. The fair is, despite the lack of rods and kool builds, a real neat and interesting show if you're in the aftermarket auto industry or just plain like automotive stuff.

We will be planning the Juxtapod booth in detail and we're right by the big café so we're expecting alot of traffic and interest. There will be no revving the 348 though - cause it ain't allowed. (and the mill probably wont be together by then either...)

And "in the nude" was my corny way of pointing out that paint and chrome will be missing. Bare metal is the word for the show!
For the Juxtapod in full bloom you'll have to wait till spring...

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