The surface

Just as paint on a rod is ther to enhence the looks it's also a way to protect the metal from corrosion. So thers a duak purpose and a way to do the neat thing of combining form with function. the link between the emotional and the rational.

This is exactly what Maarten Baas has done with the really cool charred chair. It looks real neat and charring is also a way to preserve the wood. Ted at Röhsska told me that Maarten has used the same techniqe of charring as they used to do when charring poles to drive into the ground to support houses and buildings built on "unfirm" grounds. Here in Göteborg alot of pole reinforcing was done when the city was built. Kinda soggy here...

Anyway the chair is real neat charred just like the Jux is like a piece of sweet delicious candy.

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