Form with function...

... is in alot of ways a sign of Swedish/Scandinavian design. Guess this gas tank is a free interpretation of that maxim. It's got form and appearance for sure - and functionally it's real easy to check the level of content. Practical!

We're really looking forward to filling it with gas for the sole dual purpose of showing that it works fine and secondly to feed the mill so we can rev it. Be sure that we'll post that occasion when it happens.

As of now alot of people at teh Röhsska art museum have been able to experience the Juxtapod. Visitors, artists, students, kids and elders, clerks and businessmen, moms and dads, rich and poor. And most importantly people who like and know about rods and Kustoms as well as people who've never seen 'em or cared about them. And from reports most all get a big smile when the meet up with the Juxtapod!

Feels good!

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