Sabina and The Juxtapod are...

...appearing in a Finnish car magaziane soon. The V8 magazine did a photoshoot last friday night as we were rolling into the exhibition grounds. The result will appear in print real soon I understand. It's an honour and a real neat thing to have beautiful Sabina in the picture, so to speak. My highest hopes are for the Juxtapod to hook up with her again, but next time stateside... and then preferably in sweet Cali.

And if anyone out there reading this blog might see a commercial reason - fun, profit or just for the hell of it - to join forces (and resources then) and to go to Cali as a Juxtapod partner - please get in touch with me/us! We're out to conquer the world you see!!! (or more precisely - to have fun and and a great experience!).

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