Friday at Kustom Motor Show in Matchbox Town

So, all in all a nice day. G came to keep med company. And I got to talk to tons of nice people who almost all called the Jux things like Unique, beautiful, Oh look a Barbie Car, something really new, "I'm 110% original freak but this is something else...

And on top of this the Jux is nominated in the Meguiars Challange among 10 other fantastic cars. And we got a cup and a poster to prove it! Winning this challange means going to Las Vegas to the huge SEMA show. The mere thought is rewarding... Then we could maybe stay for GNRS and other neat things. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - we're swedish and we definately dont get happy before we have a reason... (f-k that I'm happy as it is!)

So thanks all nice people for supporting and liking this project!

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