The father of juxtapose

Robert Williams started in the late 60's (I think) an "underground" art magazine by the name of Juxtapoz. This is where we got the idea for the name of this project - Juxtapod. So credit should go to this man for that, but that's only a mini-miniscule of the deed and genius of the man.

The piece with the hot rod crash blew my mind many years ago and there are tons of work just as exiting. And work in all shapes and forms. I dont he think he saw any limitations. Google around and check him out. It is well worth it. You'll be smiling alot!

I'll try to get back with one of the coolest biker pics. of all time. It presents a chopped pan with a chromed VL springer, pinstriped bell bottoms, sandals and Robert Williams... It's to kool for skool

Do it!

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