Ladder bars.

Rear axle magicstuff. For those of you who have seen previous entries maybe you remember the laddebar brackets that we showed you. And in a real nice chronological order they are now in place on the rear axle and hooked up to them are the actual ladder bars. So logical yet so amazingly magical and totally inspiring!

Tomorrow we're going to the Glass works in Åfors to see Ludvig do his magic with the blow pipe and glowing "glass mass" of 6000 degrees celsius. And like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, he's going to form the mass into the gas tank and maybe other crystal mysticals for the Juxtapod.

And we're filming. So that y'all can take part of this journey later on. Please stay tuned and tune others into the Juxtapod as well, like maybe mom n' dad, your boss and his wife, girlfriend, parol officer or just your local friendly neighborhood Padre.

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