Monday morning post

05.22 and this pic wakes me up totally. We're in on the last 24 h... Tomorow morning at 0700...
Meeet the press at 1000 and the good people at 1800.

4 kommentarer:

  1. WOW good luck for whatever it is next on the programm

  2. Thanks Peter
    Now it's in the Röhsska art museum for two months and the on to another art venue. And after that, well... we'll just have to figure something out. But I think we'll have some neat options.
    Keep coming around and thansk for your comment.

  3. Hey, I would like this beauty to stay at Röhsska (I live around the corner). It sure looks like it belongs there!
    So, why don't you go ahead and build a replica for the next exhibit :)
    It should be easier to build the next one, right?

  4. hey lenao

    Yes it would be I guess, but not as much fun as building something else.The Jux will stay at Röhsska till june 12:th so plenty of time to spend there.
    But it sure looks good where it stands!