Going to Grästorp tomorrow

And there I'm going to meet up with Blaster who is the process of painting the Juxtapod. He's a darn legend. Go to his site blasterville.com and see why.

So when you think of all great guys involved in this project it's quite astonishing! Artists and craftsmen in glass, metal, paint, upholstery, electrics, you name it! And if things and fate stand by us we'll have something quite astonishing to show at Röhsska in three weeks time. But it's gonna be a close call! Thanks all!

I've been bugging Ludvig to send med some pics of his latest work for an exhibition in London. I hear rumors of an off the wall Chandelier in metal and crystal... I'll put in some more work to get him to send me some images. It's well worth it.

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