Ludvigs skull?

Don't know if it is, but he makes the koolest skulls of em all. Found this image in the FUCT blogg and swiped it without any hesitation. It's a great blogg by the way and it's a swell brand run by some real people as far as I could tell. Havent really been there before and was quite amazed. It gave me a big smile and I'll sure be back for inspiration and the sheer happiness of seeing a brand and idea that seems to do what they please without worrying to much about anything... In a small way exactly what made us do the Juxtapod. Let's just do what we feel like and worry about why we shouldn't when we already done it.

And if you FUCT dudes disapprove of me using the pic. just let me know and I'll...

By the way got to the FUCT homepage and check out the intro... its so darn good!

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