Soft packages suck

As far as christmas presents go the hard ones were almost more exciting as a kid. Checking them out in secret the night before christmas, shaking them and wondering what was there. Today going into the garage the Jux kinda resembled a big great chistmans gift for 2012. Me and Ludvig got some plans and hopes for next year. California is in those dreams, even though it seems quite far away today... and it is actually.

This year has been exiting with shows at museums and prices and cups and kustom celebrities in Helsinki. The Jux has been at some trade shows for our great and super positive sponsor Tyrolit and there will be more next year. And hopefully we'll get to finish up some minor last details with the car.

And last but not least I hope and plan to get back to some kind of more up tempo activity on the blog. These last months have been kinda slow in this part of life but incredibly much more hectic in the more day to day making a living part of life. And I always had the rule that this stuff is for fun and exitement and not for pressure and demands and normal life bullshit- so it is what it is - and will be what it will be.

Seasons greeting and most of all - Mrs Maher, you're in my thoughts! As well as all "kin" at Scavengers Choice!

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